Outdoor Living Ideas On A Budget

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Outdoor Living Ideas Come Alive At Twilight With TheTuscany II Pergola
You can create outdoor living ideas on a budget. More and more folks are discovering the pleasure and enjoyment of patio living. And with good reason.

With the uncertainty of a spreading pandemic staying home makes good sense. So why not enjoy and make the most out of it?

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You can create outdoor living spaces on a budget.

More and more folks are discovering the pleasure and enjoyment of patio living.

And with good reason. With the uncertainty of a spreading pandemic staying home makes good sense.

So why not enjoy and make the most out of it?

With the newly emerging Covid 19 economy, the future of housing prices is in question. Home prices are skyrocketing and tighter lending requirements are just around the corner.

It’s no wonder many Americans are deciding to stay put and make the most of what they already have. You can build beautiful and functional outdoor living spaces on a budget too.

Whether your patio or deck is just in the planning stages or more advanced you can make the most of the season with unique garden and patio decor, outdoor fireplaces, gazebos, and more.

Outdoor Living Spaces On A Budget

Outdoor Living Ideas On A Budget
Adding a deck or patio is probably the cheapest way to increase your living space.

Not to mention it feels incredibly good to be outside instead of cooped up in the house.

It is also a DIY project many homeowners can tackle themselves. If you are up to it you can save a lot of money over hiring a contractor.

And because it is an outdoor project it can be tackled with minimal disruption to the rest of your house.

Outdoor Living Design Ideas – The Basics

You should put your outdoor living ideas down on paper first because it will help you visualize them.

Decide what you want your patio or deck to accomplish and how much space is available to do it in.

Do you entertain a lot or is the purpose of your outdoor room more of a restful retreat? What about outdoor cooking? Will it be something you do regularly? Will you need a dining area?

Outdoor Living Design Ideas On A Budget

While outdoor living design ideas are plentiful you need to consider the bottom line for your project.

Not everyone can afford to create the perfect outdoor living space all at once.

If your plans are simple you may be able to do this but if they are more grandiose you may need to tackle the project in phases.

You may want to hire a contractor to do the work. Be honest with yourself about your building skills.

You can learn as you go but don’t underestimate the difficulty.

It can be hard to find a good contractor and right now they are very busy so be prepared to wait to start your project.

Getting a bid on your project will give you a good idea if your project is within your budget.

This is why you want to plan things out before you start. That way you can lay the groundwork for what is to come.

If you know you are going to want an outdoor kitchen for example but can’t afford it right away, plan for where you want to put it.

This will be much better than trying to squeeze it in somewhere later on.

At its most basic level, you need a space you can define. What kind of floor will your outdoor room have?

Do you have an existing patio or deck area to use or expand upon, or will you be starting from scratch?

Ootdoor Living Ideas - Using Pavers For Your Patio

There are several choices available for your patio’s surface. You can of course just use a level grass surface.

You can create interesting patterns for your patio with brick pavers and they are a popular choice.

Poured concrete is another option and there are techniques to make it look more like natural stone such as stamped concrete if you so desire.

If you are planning a deck instead of a patio you will have a choice of natural wood or composite materials.

Composite decking is virtually maintenance-free and will generally last longer but it is also a lot more expensive.

You may want to consider how long you plan on living in your present location before making a buying decision.

Patio Furniture Makes For Comfortable Outdoor Living Spaces

Once you have decided on the surface for your outdoor room you are going to need patio furniture.

The most important thing is to choose outdoor furniture that is comfortable.

There is no point in creating an area if you don’t want to sit in it!

Comfy Outdoor Patio Furniture

There is a multitude of styles of patio furniture and what you choose is a matter of personal taste and your budget.

You can find inexpensive garden furniture at your local Lowes or Home Depot or you can purchase designer furniture that can run into thousands of dollars.

Wicker furniture is both cheap and durable and makes a great choice.

Bear in mind that in most cases you get what you pay for though.

Your plan will dictate what type of outdoor living furniture you need whether it’s just a few Adirondack chairs or a full-blown conversation set or an outdoor bistro table or a more formal dining set.

Use Patio Heaters To Extend The Season

Patio Fireplaces And Heaters Extend Your Outdoor ExperienceTo get the most out of your outdoor living area you will undoubtedly want to look at patio heaters as a way to extend your season.

Outdoor fireplaces or fire pits can help you extend the season and keep you comfortable on cool nights while adding extra ambiance.

Chimineas are an often overlooked patio heater with many advantages.

Patio heaters like these may be wood-burning or use gas or may even choose infrared patio heaters that can be hung from the ceiling set on the floor, or placed on a table.

Now, even those of us who aren’t blessed with a California climate can enjoy casual outdoor living most of the year.

Backyard Makeover Ideas

Outdoor living ideas abound, especially now as more Americans choose to stay home rather than take vacations.

The “staycation” is becoming more and more popular as folks realize they can create beautiful outdoor living spaces on a budget where they can de-stress and relax without ever having to leave home.

It is probably impossible to cover them all but here are some outdoor living ideas we think are worth considering:

Outdoor Cooking Is A Popular Backyard Makeover

Of course, food naturally tastes better cooked outside and patios and decks seem to go hand in hand with BBQ.

There are electric, charcoal, and gas grills for outdoor cooking to accommodate any space, budget, and cooking style.

Outdoor Cooking - Outdoor Kitchens Make Outdoor Cooking A Breeze

You may want to consider an outdoor kitchen, especially if you entertain a lot or enjoy cooking.

Your food will taste better and during hot summer days, an outside barbecue beats slaving over a hot stove any day.

Use Outdoor Enclosures For More Space

Feeling cramped and need more space? Outdoor enclosures can add needed space and help define the use of a given area.

Why not add a gazebo or pergola. The great thing about pergolas is their ability to define space without closing it off.

backyard living space ideas - pergola

If you want a bit more protection from the elements then a covered gazebo will extend your outdoor season besides offering a pleasant place to sit and relax.

Most folks think of the classic Victorian type of gazebo but there are also cloth gazebos available that are often called pavilions.

What about an outdoor playhouse or old-fashioned sandbox for the kids? It’s a great way to get them out of the house and your hair.

Kids enjoy outdoor living too

We have dog houses for Rover and cat enclosures for kitty too.

Every gardener needs a garden shed to store their tools and supplies.

Use Garden Decor In Your Backyard Makeover

Garden-Statues-Guardian-Angel-and-Children-StatueIt takes more than a yard and some plants to create an attractive outdoor living space.

You will want to add some garden decor to add points of interest to the landscape.

There are many types of garden decor to choose from too.

There are angel statues, and animal statues to name just a few. You may want to add a bird bath to attract wildlife or a solar-powered fountain.

Water Features Bring Peace And Tranquility

Adding a water feature is a great idea because the sound of running water is so relaxing.

There are many attractive water features that use recirculating pumps to add the restful, relaxing tones of running water.

Water features for backyard makeover ideas

Backyard Ideas On A Budget

You don’t need to spend a ton of money on your backyard to enjoy it more.

Close your eyes and try to imagine how a given space will look and what you want it to add to your outdoor experience.

Garden statues, birdbaths, fountains, and gazing balls all add points of interest to the landscape.

These items are generally inexpensive and can really enhance the area giving a big bang for your dollar.

You can enjoy a garden bridge even without water or you could even build a pond for it and stock it with goldfish or koi.

You can even create a dry stream bed for your bridge to cross. This is a great idea especially if your yard has a low spot or drainage issues.

This article can show you how https://www.thespruce.com/build-dry-creek-beds-for-landscape-drainage-2132745

More than anything garden decor lets you add your own unique style to any area.

Backyard Pet Memorials

Garden Decor-Cat Memorial Angel - Pet Memorial Statue

On a more somber note, many of us have lost a beloved pet.

They certainly have a way of entwining themselves into our daily lives.

Maybe a pet memorial in a quiet area can help bring back fond memories and can help healing.

Use Outdoor Lighting In Your Backyard Makeover Ideas

Outdoor Solar Lighting make great small outdoor living space ideasDon’t forget to add some outdoor lighting to your deck or patio. You will undoubtedly be spending time there after dark.

Besides the obvious safety reasons for adding it, outdoor lighting can be used to create a whole new world after dark.

Decorative string lights can add a festive touch to any yard. Spot lights can be used to highlight garden ornaments and solar lighting can be used to illumine garden paths.

You can choose from a wide variety of landscape and patio lights so use your imagination and get creative.

Add Home Accents For Backyard Ideas On A Budget

decorative home accents like doormats can add a personal touchThere are many decorative home accents to choose from to add your own personal touch and flair.

While you may be focusing on your backyard don’t neglect the front of your home!

The old saying that you only get one chance to make a good impression is certainly true for your home too.

So greet your guests with a custom door mat and other amenities for the front of your home like custom address plaques, mailboxes, and attractive lighting.

Give your home added curb appeal with window boxes, weather vanes for the roof, or other items that will make your home unique and leave a lasting impression.

Many of these things are relatively inexpensive yet can make a huge impact on your home’s overall appearance.

Bring Your Outdoor Living Ideas To Reality

Patios and decks are natural places for container gardening. How about fresh herbs to go with your grilling?

Landscaping themes can be tied into the deck or patio with planters.

Take advantage of arbors or trellises to provide natural screening for privacy and to tie indoor and outdoor living spaces together.

The right combination of landscaping plants and hardscaping elements will allow our spaces to flow from one to the other naturally.

If you grow plants in containers you can grow tender plants outside and bring your houseplants indoors in the fall to decorate your home.

Think of your backyard patio or deck as an extension to your home rather than a separate entity.

When it comes to outdoor living ideas only the sky and your imagination are the limit so why not create something beautiful to share with friends and family.

You can definitely create outdoor living spaces on a budget.

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