Modern Garden Lighting Ideas [Add Some Sparkle Outside]

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Use modern garden lighting ideas to bring your outdoor living spaces to life. You always have the enjoyment of seeing them in the daylight but at night they can take on a whole different hue.

Modern Garden Lighting Ideas

There are two reasons to choose outdoor lighting. One is for safety and the other is for esthetics.

By lighting your landscape you get to enjoy daytime and a nighttime view which gives you two different landscapes to enjoy.

You may know your way around even in the dark but if you entertain at all there’s a good chance your guests do not.

Proper lighting is important for safety and fortunately, it can add to the looks of your yard too.

I am assuming you don’t just want a large glaring overhead light to light the whole area as this will rob your area’s mystique and uniqueness.

Bright lighting may be appropriate for the front of the home but something more subdued will be better for outdoor living areas.

There are two basic types of outdoor lighting you can consider for use. There is low voltage lighting and solar lighting and each has its own advantages.

Solar Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting - Solar LightingSolar outdoor lighting is very easy to install because there are no wires involved.

Solar lighting also is available with a battery so it will work even during cloudy weather.

It is ideal for highlighting pathways and accenting borders.

The one disadvantage of solar lighting is that it is not always very bright but somewhat more diffuse.

Low Voltage Outdoor Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting is another popular choice for landscape lighting.

This type of outdoor lighting will require that you install a low voltage transformer on your home’s exterior.

Because you will need to run wires to your lights it is best if this type of lighting is installed during the initial landscaping phase.

That way you will not disrupt your existing beds or plantings.

Low voltage lighting is available in many configurations from path lights to spotlights.

Spotlighting a favorite statue or other garden feature can produce some very striking results.

One method is to shine the light towards an object but through existing foliage which produces a mottled effect that can be quite captivating.

Overhead Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor-Lighting-Aurora-Glow-Solar-String-LightsIf you have a pergola or gazebo consider using solar string lighting to accentuate it.

String lighting provides a colorful festive atmosphere to these spaces and can really highlight their features.

There are also very attractive solar lanterns available for overhead lighting.

The really great thing about solar lighting is the fact the power to run it is free.

Light Up Your Front Entry Too

Outdoor Lighting - Decorative-Lamp-PostsMany upper-scale homes use park-type lamp posts to brighten up the front of their homes.

This is good for safety and security too and it adds a very distinctive touch.

These fixtures are available as conventional and solar lighting too.

The front of your home is the part everyone sees so why not take some time to make it look special.

Perhaps the best technique is to employ both types of lighting in your landscape.

Use solar lighting to illuminate pathways and spotlighting to highlight your best garden features at night.

By implementing modern garden lighting ideas you can make your yard sparkle like a jewel and enhance your enjoyment and time there.

Modern Garden Lighting Ideas Conclusion

There are many modern garden lighting ideas to choose from when it comes to accenting your landscape.

Whether you want to go with solar or low voltage lighting, there are options to fit every need and budget.

By adding outdoor lighting, you can create a whole new landscape to enjoy at night and increase safety for yourself and your guests.

So take some time to explore the different possibilities and find the perfect way to light up your yard.

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