How To Care For Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture

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How To Care For Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture - VIFAH Malibu Outdoor 5-Piece Wood Patio Dining Set

Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture is very similar to teak and possesses the same qualities. Actually, Shorea wood is even harder and tighter-grained than teak.

Shorea wood has a lower price simply because there is a ready supply of this magnificent wood, not because it is inferior to teak in any way.

VIFAH Malibu Outdoor 5-Piece Wood Patio Dining Set Because shorea wood contains a high oil content it can withstand the elements with ease.

In fact, you will be surprised at just how little care this extraordinary wood needs.

If you want outdoor bar ideas that require little to no maintenance then a shorea wood patio bar is definitely a smart choice.

Caring For Shorea Wood Outdoor Furniture Is Easy

Shorea Wood Outdoor FurnitureMost shorea wood furniture will require assembly. After you have assembled it you will want to remove any dust left over from the manufacturing process.

So go ahead and take a garden hose to it, you won’t hurt it a bit.

Because of the high oil content, you will want to do this away from your patio or you may stain your tile or concrete.

The high oil content and density of your shorea wood furniture means it will weather well outside without any maintenance at all.

It will naturally weather to a silver gray color but its tight grain and dense structure will keep it smooth.

If you want to maintain the wood’s original color you can treat it with teak oil to preserve it. This is simply cosmetic and not needed to preserve the wood.

If you want you can easily clean shorea wood outdoor furniture with water and some laundry detergent, and even a little bleach. Use a sponge or soft bristle brush to scrub it and rinse it off when you’re done.

VIFAH Malibu Outdoor 5-Piece Wood Patio Dining Set Don’t paint or apply polyurethane to your shorea outdoor furniture.  Due to the naturally high oil content of Shorea wood, they will not adhere properly.

If some surface roughness develops due to weathering you can give it a light sanding to remove it. Use a moist sponge to remove any remaining sawdust.

As you can see shorea wood outdoor furniture requires virtually no maintenance and will provide many years of trouble-free use.

Lately, I have seen Shorea wood being sold as FSC High-Density Eucalyptus (Shorea) wood. There are a lot of species of this tree and the wood goes by many different names as well.