AeroGarden Harvest Review Weeks 1-4

I am starting my AeroGarden Harvest Review. I will be doing a full and honest review of the AeroGarden Harvest with weekly video updates. If you are thinking about buying an AeroGarden I think you will find this review helpful.  AeroGarden Harvest Review Week 1 So far my AeroGarden Harvest has performed flawlessly. I received […]

How To Clean An AeroGarden Harvest ( Best Way )

The AeroGarden Harvest is a hydroponic growing system and it is important to know how to clean an AeroGarden if you want to get good results with it. AeroGarden worth buying? An Honest Review Of The Aerogarden Harvest Cleaning your AeroGarden involves a bit more than just wiping down your unit. What really needs to […]

AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing It Was Surprising !

Here is my AeroGarden Harvest Unboxing video.  I found it to be a very well designed hydroponic unit with a few surprises. Now I have a new toy to play with. I didn’t expect it for another 4 days. But it arrived early on Christmas Eve so thanks Santa. Read my thoughts on the Aergarden […]

AeroVoir AeroGarden Self Watering System ( Easy AeroGarden Watering )

The AeroVoir is a self watering system that can turn your AeroGarden into a self watering planter or SIP for short. How do you keep AeroGarden watered while on vacation?  Are you undecided is an AeroGarden is right for you? Read my review and find out. AeroGarden worth buying? An Honest Review Of The Aerogarden […]

AeroGarden Airstones Should You Add Airstones To Your AeroGarden?

Lets take a look at AeroGarden airstones. Should you add airstones to your AeroGarden? The AeroGarden is an indoor garden kit that uses a hydroponic system. Most hydroponic systems benefit from adding airstones but like anything there are pluses and minuses to using airstones in an AeroGarden. Lets take a look at both the up […]

AeroGarden worth buying? An Honest Review Of The Aerogarden Harvest

So is an AeroGarden worth buying? Is an AeroGarden worth the money? That’s the question that I’ve been asking myself for a while now and you might you might be too. I did some research and what I found was a lot of stuff about the AeroGarden and different kinds of their Gardens and different […]

What AeroGarden Should I Buy?

I knew that I wanted to try out the AeroGarden but what Aerogarden should I buy? There were quite a few models to choose from and I found it a bit overwhelming. Maybe you do to. So I dug in and did some research and here is what I found out: There are 4 basic […]

Growing Vegetables In Coco Coir Get Amazing Results

Did you know growing vegetables in coco coir will produce better crops than growing them in soil? A lot of vegetable gardeners are unfamiliar with coco coir but it is far superior to peat based potting mixes for vegetables and even houseplants. Is Coco Coir Good For Growing Vegetables? Coco coir works great for growing […]

Gardening In An Apartment Without A Balcony The Truth

Is gardening in an apartment without a balcony possible? The answer is a definite yes. I have been doing it for years so stick around to learn about more apartment gardening with no balcony. I like to grow exotic plants and here a just a few. There’s Coffee plant, an Aloe and some Euphorbias Gardening […]

Indoor Worm Composting Bin Worm Factory 360

I am going to be setting up an indoor worm composting bin. I chose a Worm Factory 360 because it is a well established product with lots of positive reviews. I have a DIY worm composting bin made from 5 gallon buckets but I have not been able to get good results with it so […]

Worm Tea Vs Leachate [ What No One Tells You ]

Worm tea is made by soaking worm castings in a porous bag in water. Leachate is what comes out of the bottom of a worm bin and some do call this worm tea but it is not the same. I thought worm tea came out of the spigot on the bottom of a worm bin […]

Bokashi Soil Factory Bokashi Composting For Apartments

A bokashi soil factory will help you turn your bokashi compost into a finished product. Before you start bokashi composting for your apartment there are a few things you should know. Bokashi Composting Does Not Make Compost Bokashi composters are becoming very popular but what most people dont realize is they dont really make compost. […]

Worm Composting In Your Apartment – How To Turbo-charge Your Garden

Is worm composting in your apartment possible? You might be surprised to find worm compost bins work great indoors. In fact they work better inside than out. Keeping a worm farm is a great way to turn kitchen scraps and paper into worm castings and worm tea. They make great plant food and yes composting […]

Why Compost At Home? The Secret Of Great Gardeners

Why Compost At Home? That’s a fair question. Many have an outdated vision of what composting is like thinking it is smelly or dirty. Things have changed a great deal. So composters today are more well designed to meet the needs of the ever growing home composting market. This has been fueled by backyard gardeners […]

Best Composting Ideas For Indoors

Looking for the best composting ideas for indoors?  People now view composting and recycling as a way of life so it’s really no surprise there’s more indoor composting ideas and products for this. When most of us think of compost bins we think of our outdoor vegetable or flower gardens but composting has evolved and […]

Bokashi Composting Easily Start A Bokashi Bucket

Bokashi composting is a brand-new and advanced means of fermenting (pickling) your kitchen waste. It began in Japan where most people live in apartments or condos. Few own land but they like window or terrace gardens and needed creative solutions for dealing with kitchen waste and feeding their plants. If you are gardening indoors you […]

What Is A Hempy Bucket? [Best Easy Hydro System For Beginners]

What is a hempy bucket? A hempy bucket is probably the simplest passive hydroponic system there is. It is easy to build. It is great for large plants and the best easy hydro system for beginners. Dont let the name hempy bucket put you off. Although the term was coined and popularized by cannabis growers […]

Hydroponic Wick System – Kratky On Steroids

So what is a hydroponic wick system you ask? A hydroponic wick system is a method of growing where plants are watered through a wick instead of a pump. It can be a passive hydroponic system that uses no airstones or it can be turbocharged by using an air pump.   A hydroponic wick system […]

Kratky Lettuce Easily Grow Lettuce With A Kratky Method Hydroponic System DIY

You can easily grow Kratky lettuce indoors with the Kratky method. The Kratky method hydroponic system is totally passive and does not need pumps or airstones. The Kratky method is named after Dr. Bernard Kratky. He was a researcher at the University of Hawaii. In 2009 Kratky introduced lettuce rafts for commercial food production. A […]

GroBucket Setup And Unboxing

I just got my GroBucket in the mail. So today I will be showing you the unboxing and my GroBucket setup. I have 2 pepper plants and a tomato plant ready to transplant and set outside. GroBucket Setup So even though I knew I had to provide my own buckets somehow I expected the box […]

GroBucket Garden Kit How To Easily Grow Great Veggies In 2022

I just set out my new GroBucket garden kit. Here is my GroBucket unboxing and setup article. So this will be a GroBucket review with live plants in it. And now we’re going to feed them and we’re going to talk a little bit about GroBucket fertilizer. The pepper plant in the middle doesn’t look that […]

GroBucket Self Watering 5 Gallon Bucket System Review Easy Growing

Time to update my GroBucket review because there’s been some changes. I’ve had mine for a couple of years now and they have work great. Growing really good plants in them the past 2 years. GroBucket Self Watering Planter Update The only problem that I have had with mine is that the water level indicators […]

GroBucket Self Watering Planter Review And Grow

In the previous post I covered how to set up a GroBucket and now it is time to test the GroBucket self watering planter in the garden. This is where the rubber meets the road. GroBucket Self Watering Planter Grow Day 0 Today my newly set up buckets were put in the garden. It had […]