Rapid Daily features a team of talented writers with a variety of backgrounds. We are proud to have assembled such a talented group of journalists all under one roof.

Please find below a list of the main writers for Rapid Daily. You can contact any of them  by clicking on their name.

Steve Sherin

Steve is the editor in chief of rapiddaily.com. He has over seven years experience as a journalist. He also brings his 20 years experience working in agriculture, real estate and marketing.

Jackie Lewis

Jackie is an RN and has 15 years of experience in the health sector. She covers our Health section.

Fred Lipsey

Fred is a researcher specializing in the biological sciences and covers our Science section.

Patty Stewart

Patty has worked in the travel and interior design industries and contributes to our Lifestyle section.

Egan Brahms

Egan works in the alternative energy sector, retrofitting homes and businesses and covers our Environment section.

Danny Flynn

Danny has over 15 years of experience in the insurance and personal finance areas and writes for our Money section.