Old School New Body Diet – The New Anabolic Diet?

Proper body building diets are essential for burning fat and building muscle. The Old School New Body diet is a take off from the Anabolic diet. Combining the Old School New Body diet plan with the F4X training system will change your body composition from fat to lean. Because of this you don’t want to rely too heavily on the scale. It is better to go by the mirror and how your clothes fit.

 Old School New Body Diet – The New Anabolic Diet?The reason for this is because muscle weighs more than fat. As you use the F4X workout you will be building muscle and losing body fat at the same time. So you may not always see much change on the scale.

You will likely see a fairly large weight loss at first because carbs hold a lot of water and you are limiting them. After that initial loss things may slow down, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing anything wrong or that the program isn’t working.

So What Is The Anabolic Diet?

The Anabolic Diet was developed by  Dr. Mauro Di Pasquale both an MD and a power lifter with a focus on sports and nutrition medicine. It was developed specifically to help bodybuilders cut body fat without losing a lot of muscle in the process. Since its release in 1995 it has been renamed the Metabolic Diet and refined by Dr. Pasquale.

Probably the most radical thing about this diet is that you can lose fat and build muscle at the same time, something many previously thought was impossible to do. It is an ultra low carb diet that forces the body to burn fat to fuel muscle growth. The Eskimos lived on a very similar type of diet.

The bulk of calories in this diet are from fat and protein. While the Eskimos may have been used to this diet most of us aren’t. I went on this diet for a while and although it works well, the first week or so is a living hell while your body shifts from burning sugar to burning fat. Flu like symptoms are not uncommon because your body stores toxins in fat and they are now being released. But after the initial adjustment you have plenty of energy and since fat produces a feeling of fullness and satiety you are seldom hungry. In fact, believe it or not, it can be hard to actually eat enough calories on a high fat diet.

A New And Healthier Version Of  The Anabolic Diet

Both diets are somewhat similar and both provide the same fat burning, muscle preserving results. But the Old School New Body diet plan was designed to not cause us as much trouble adapting to it. This is due in part to allowing for a higher carb intake than the original. Of course both diets stress avoiding high glycemic and processed carbs except on cheat days.

The original anabolic diet was very high in saturated fat and really not at all healthy. There were almost no vegetables in it either. Both diets allow for a 2 day period where you load up on carbs. This is for two reasons. One is to keep you from going nuts. You can go 5 days on low carbs especially when you have 2 reward days ahead.

The other reason is to keep your body confused. It’s called carb zig zagging. You can lose some of the muscle building benefits if your body adapts to this type of diet.

By alternating low carb and high carb days you prevent your body’s metabolism from thinking there is a famine going on and slowing itself down.

What Is The Old School New Body Diet Like?

The Old School New Body diet includes healthy healthy fats and daily carbohydrates from vegetables and fruit. There is a high protein intake but lean cuts of meats and healthy fats are favored whereas the Anabolic Diet recommended fatty meats. A heart doctor would probably faint if he saw the original diet.

I have read some Old School New Body reviews that claim a Paleo Diet plan is used in this program, but that is totally untrue. A Paleo or Caveman diet does not allow the use of dairy products while the Old School New Body diet plan makes extensive use of dairy products. It also allows some grains and even some alcohol.

Protein powders are an essential part of any bodybuilding diet. When muscles are taxed you want to get fast acting whey protein to them along with longer lasting casein protein. Both of these are dairy byproducts.  You may be able to skip the MRPs but you can not go without the protein powder. Old School New Body recommends the use of a combination of whey, casein and egg protein.

I don’t think the 2 cheat days would be allowed in a true Paleo Diet either. I question the validity of this diet because hunter gatherers ate what ever they found. Humans are raised on milk right from birth. You cant convince me that a hungry caveman would ignore a wild stand of wheat or other grains either.

Many of our ancestors evolved in more northerly latitudes and so things like fruit and vegetables were seasonal and in limited supply most of the year. Vegans may hate this but meat and fat were the mainstay of most primitive diets not fruits and vegetables.

Some whole grains like oatmeal are allowed in the Old School New Body diet but refined carbohydrates are avoided. You do have to be careful because a lot of things have hidden carbohydrates in them like ketchup or BBQ sauce for example, but there are many others, so you need to read the labels.

All in all this is a more balanced diet than many others out there. You would actually try to divide your calories equally between carbs, fat and protein. If you wanted to lean out you would gradually reduce your carbs further.

This diet stresses frequent smaller meals that include protein. Unless you are allergic to dairy products it is not recommended to avoid them and a good part of the protein in the diet comes from whey protein or other milk proteins.

It’s Not About A Diet But A Lifestyle Change

 Old School New Body Diet Plan Is Really A lifestyle ChangeMost fad diets fail because they cant be maintained. Eventually you have to get off them and start eating again. Then you wind up gaining back all that lost weight and more. What we need is not really a diet but a lifestyle change where we can eat foods that are good for us.

The sample Old School New Body diets are pretty good and there is plenty of variation in what you can eat. It’s mostly about avoiding junk food and limiting but not eliminating carbohydrates. You need carbs to function and with the F4X workouts you want them because they will be pulled into the muscles.

The problem is with high glycemic carbs because they cause an insulin spike in your body and insulin is a storage hormone. If you are not working out regularly these carbs all go directly to fat storage. But if you are using the F4X training system you will actually want some fast carbs right after a workout.

Surprisingly, alcohol is allowed in the Old School New Body diet. Turns out it’s not that bad for you and it also turns out that red wine actually has some fat burning properties. The key with alcohol is moderation. Because it is an extra source of calories you may want to avoid it during the week if you are trying to get really lean.

In short, the Old School New Body diet plan is a very doable and healthy way to eat. It is not a Paleo Diet and it is not an ultra low carb diet like the Atkins Diet either. It really is its own thing but it is closest to the Anabolic Diet. By eliminating extremes you wind up with a diet you can live with, that is healthy and one that will have you looking good too.

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Combining the Old School New Body diet with the F4X training system will change your body composition from fat to lean as you burn fat and build muscle.