Beta Switch Review – Does The Beta Switch Diet Work?

The Beta Switch is a new women’s fat loss diet from Sue Heintze that shows women how to get rid of their stubborn body fat and cellulite. The Beta Switch Review will take a closer look at this fat burning system and see if it really works.

Who Is Sue Heintze?

beta switch diet review - does sue heintze's diet workSue is a world class fitness model and body transformation specialist. Since 2003 she has helped thousands of women lose weight and get healthy lean bodies. She has coached and trained 30 winners and 4 Grand Champions of Australia’s national body transformation competition. She is also a contributor to Shape Magazine, Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine and Women’s Weekly.

Now you might think Sue is somehow genetically gifted but nothing could be further from the truth. She was teased as a child and had a bad body self image. She has fought to get rid of her cellulite and stubborn body fat just like millions of other women.

And just like millions of other women she tried all the diets and failed until she stumbled across a weight loss research paper and discovered a little known scientific way to release and burn off cellulite and stubborn fat deposits.

Who Is This Diet System For?

The Beta Switch ReviewThe beta switch system was designed to help women lose weight and get rid of their body’s trouble spots on their arms, butts and thighs.

If you’re reading this and you are a guy this diet won’t work for you. But hang on for a second. If your girl friend or wife has struggled with weight and these problem areas you might want to pass this beta switch diet plan on to her. She will thank you for it!

Does The Beta Switch Diet Plan Really Work?

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well it is pretty obvious that women are achieving dramatic results with this diet system and losing their stubborn body fat just as Sue promises. If you follow the beta switch diet system you could be one of them.

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How Does This Fat Burning System Work?

First, I have to say reading the beta switch PDF was a real eye opener for me. I knew women have a harder time losing weight than men but I learned a lot more about why that is.

I always assumed women have higher body fat levels because nature designed them to be able to nurse even during times when food was scarce. So their bodies are naturally programed to store fat. This is true, but as I found out there is a lot more to it than that.

Did you know that a woman’s fat cells are actually different than a mans? I didn’t.Women are more prone to cellulite and fat storage because their subcutaneous fat layer is made up of large upright cells. But in men these chambers are smaller and arranged as small slanting units. So a woman’s is naturally set up to store more fat.

Beta Swich Diet by Sue HeintzeThere are two types of body fat that plague women. The first is cellulite and while there is no cure,(it’s not a disease) you can control it and minimize its appearance with proper diet and exercise. It’s always going to appear if your body fat level is high enough and even skinny women can have it.

The second type is stubborn fat, that’s the stuff that appears in your problem areas like your butt, thighs or back of your arms. It is called stubborn fat because it’s very hard to get rid of. Even women who lose a lot of weight still can’t seem to shake it lose.

This Is A Science Based Diet And Not A Fad Diet

The main  reason why it’s so hard to lose cellulite and fat in your problem areas has to do with your adrenoreceptors, also called adrenergic receptors.

Both men and women have these receptors and there are two types, alpha receptors and beta receptors. They react with your body’s adrenaline. It’s a complicated process and if you are interested you can read more about it here. The beta receptor promotes glycogenolysis which is a technical way of saying it breaks down glycogen to glucose and regulates blood sugar. Now glycogen is how your body stores fat for later use. So when you activate your beta receptors your body has no choice but to burn fat.

I told you it’s complicated, but all you really need to know is that the beta receptor controls fat burning and the alpha receptor stops it.  Unfortunately women have 9 times more alpha receptors than men and that is why it is so hard for women to lose weight. Even worse those anti fat burning alpha receptors are located in your stubborn fat areas, making it almost impossible to burn off that fat.

Think of the beta receptors as the good guys that burn fat and the alpha receptors as the bad guys that keep fat. By flipping the beta receptor switch on you burn fat even from stubborn fat areas. Sue’s diet plan does just that.So when you activate your beta receptors your body has no choice but to burn fat.

When you restrict calories too much or do the wrong exercises you actually switch on your alpha receptors so even if you do free up body fat during exercise it just gets redeposited somewhere else and usually it’s in your problem areas.

The beta switch diet system activates and flips your beta receptor switch on and helps you get rid of cellulite and stubborn body fat. It is a 12 week program and it can work for you even without exercising. But for the fastest and best results you should exercise. But don’t worry because you wont have to spend hours at the gym.

You won’t be hungry during those twelve weeks either. You will learn the right foods to eat and which ones to avoid. The diet consists of 3 different days:
1. Cleanse, Detox, and Balance Days – These days will help your body get rid of toxins and get your internal organs working to optimize fat loss.
2. Sculpt and Burn Days – These days the focus is on protein and carbs to help fuel your body and your workouts.
3. Splurge Days – You get a splurge or cheat day every week where you can eat whatever you want for 2 0f your meals.

They are rotated so that your body does not get used to any one eating pattern. On the splurge days you get to eat whatever you want. They are a very important part of this diet because they keep your metabolism from slowing down.

Sue provides a ton of nutritional information and it is clear that she really knows her stuff. Also there are a lot of diet variations and some great recipes as well. You definitely wont be living on rabbit food or starving yourself.

What’s Inside?

This is an extensive diet system and very well thought out. You will know exactly what to do, what to eat and when to do it. Below is the contents for the main pdf.

Beta Switch Table Of Contents

There is a ton of information in the beta switch diet plan main guide and an additional 9 PDF s. There are also 3 bonus PDFs.

One thing I really like about this system is the included 24 exercise videos. A lot of diet programs just list the exercises you are supposed to do or include a still photo, assuming you are already somewhat familiar with them. But Sue provides actual videos so you will know how to perform them correctly. These exercises are designed to target your problem areas and make unwanted fat and cellulose go bye bye.

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Visit the official Beta Switch website to buy the pdf or get more info

The Beta Switch Review – Final Verdict

If you are a woman who has tried every diet, lotion, potion and pill and still have not been able to lose the weight you want, where you want to then The Beta Switch is the solution you have been looking for. This is a very detailed 12 week program targeting female fat loss in those problem areas most woman have struggled with. And it is written by an extremely knowledgeable woman who has faced the same struggles and found a way to overcome them.

I highly recommend you get a hold of the Beta Switch diet and try it. You have nothing to lose but your fat because this diet program comes with an unconditional money back guarantee.

Visit the official Beta Switch website

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