3 Week Diet Reviews – Does The Three Week Diet Work?

Does the 3 week diet really work as advertised? Can you really lose 20 pounds in 3 weeks? Read 3 week diet reviews from an actual user and get the real skinny on Brian Flatt’s 3 weeks diet plan.

I will be following his 3 week diet plan over the next three weeks to see if it can really deliver on its promises. Let me say this will be an actual three week diet review. I am pretty confident that it will work if I can follow it.

I struggled with whether I should follow Brian’s plan or the Old School New Body diet. His plan is tougher but the results come much faster. The diet Steve and Becky Holman offer is much easier to follow because you are on a low carb diet for 5 days and on the weekends you eat what you want. In the end I decided I wanted to lose my excess baggage as quickly as possible.

3 week diet reviews - some motivation required

My Motivation And My Goals

You probably want to know a bit about me. First my name is Steve. I am 5′ 9″ and I currently weigh 221 pounds and I’m 63 years old. Yeah I’m fat now, but I wasn’t always this way. In 2009 I was in pretty good shape and weighed about 175 pounds.

So what happened? Well I had a major health crisis in 2009. I nearly died, even my friends wrote me off. After 4 weeks in the ICU, mostly unconscious, they wheeled me downstairs. I still remember a nurse telling me that you lose 10 to 20% of your strength for every week you are in bed. She was right too. It took every ounce of my strength just to sit up. I went from there to an extended care facility where I learned to walk again. When I got out, after a month, I weighed 139 pounds. I had lost a lot of weight and a lot of it was muscle mass. I was also now disabled and not allowed to lift anything.

Well as you can imagine once my appetite came back I put on weight like crazy and got up to 221 now. I remember seeing my reflection in a window as I was going to a local store this August and I just couldn’t believe how big my gut had gotten. I remember thinking to myself “That’s not me!” But it was me.

Well I knew I needed to do something about my weight. Ever notice there are no fat people in nursing homes? That’s because they don’t live long enough to get there. On the other hand there are a lot of amputees as a result of diabetes. I thought about the risks over being overweight and about how common diabetes type 2 is with overweight people. I knew I had to do something. The final kicker came when I checked a Body Mass Index and found out that for my weight and height I was considered obese. Holy crap! I knew I was fat but obese?

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If your bmi is above 30 you are considered obese and in the US it is estimated 32% are obese. Even if you are not obese the fact is that most Americans are overweight. This is not healthy. You might say Americans are digging their own graves with their teeth.

Well I started doing research online about weight loss and exercise. I ran across Old School New Body and found it was written by Steve Holman. I used to subscribe to Iron Man when I started working out in the late 1990’s. He was the editor even back then and his workouts worked for me. I was in my late forties and lean and mean about 165 pounds and sporting a six pack. Unlike me, he looks as good today as he did then only a bit grayer.

Along the way I found Brian Flatt’s 3 week diet and read through it. It was an incredible read for me and a real eye opener. There were some weight loss strategies that I never heard of or saw anywhere else before.

There is a lot of hype on the internet, particularly in the diet and weight loss niche and a lot of fake 3 week diet reviews out there too. I decided I would document my results no matter what the result.

So I got my set of dumbbells and my gym machine which had been sitting in back of my SUV for the past 3 years out and carried them upstairs to my apartment. That was my first workout in 4 years! I have been working out with very light weight a few times a week.

My final bit of motivation is that I have now gone public with my diet. You know and all my friends now know that I am trying to lose weight. I hate failing and looking like a fool so failure is not an option. If I don’t lose the weight it will be because the diet doesn’t work and not because I did not follow it.

Don’t expect to see any bare belly before and after shots in this review. After 3 abdominal surgeries my belly is not something you want to see. Trust me on this. I don’t know if I can ever have a 6 pack again. My 6 pack would probably be more like a malformed 18 pack of Budweiser. But I do know I can have a tight midsection that doesn’t hang over my belt.

Here Are My Weight Loss Goals

I have 27 days until Thanksgiving. I want to be below 200 pounds on Nov 27 which means I need to lose at least 21 pounds this month. I am hoping for more because some people on the three week diet have lost over 24 pounds in 21 days. So I feel my goal is a  reasonable one.

My longer term goal is to get back to 175 pounds or lower by the start of the New Year. Can I do it that fast? I honestly don’t know. Generally after a period of rapid weight loss things slow down. A lot will depend on where I’m at at the end of this month.

OK enough of me rambling on.

Let The Three Week Diet Begin!

Today is Nov 1 and I have started the three week diet plan. I will be eating an ultra low carb diet this week choosing from 17 allowed vegetables and 6 different protein sources. The first week is designed as a kind of detox to help your liver get back in shape. So I’ll be back. (Didn’t Arnold say that?)

Week 1 Of The 3 Week Diet System

OK so I weighed myself Saturday morning and I was at 214 pounds. So I lost 7 pounds! So of course I am happy about that even though I was hoping for 10 pounds. I have been steadily losing a bit over a pound a day. I was surprised (and happy) to find it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. So the three week diet definitely works.

So what I have been doing is working out 3 days a week. My workouts are pretty light. I am in such bad shape right now that I still haven’t been able to complete all 4 sets in my workout. That will change as time goes on though.

Using Intermittent Fasting For Fat Loss

Another thing I have been doing is skipping breakfast. If you just follow the diet you will lose weight even if you don’t exercise. But Brian shares tips you can use to get faster results and one was skipping breakfast. I thought this was going to be hard but it really wasn’t.

Now before you think fasting is crazy let me ask you: have you have ever slept late and had brunch? Well if you have you have gone on an intermittent fast. Your body burns fat all the time, even when you sleep. But it can not burn body fat and your last meal at the same time.

So your body is either in a fed or fasted state. If you wait until noon to eat and had your last meal before 8 you will have fasted for 16 hours. So by extending that fasted state your body can burn more fat. If you really enjoy breakfast and feel you cant do without it you can eat the same foods for lunch.

I used to get up and have coffee with a couple of cookies or a doughnut. This would raise my blood sugar and a couple of hours later when it went down, I was hungry again. This started a vicious cycle and so I was eating every 2 or 3 hours, and not only eating, but eating stuff that really wasn’t healthy.

Does The Three Week Diet Work?The funny thing was that I really wasn’t hungry when I woke up. This was just part of my daily routine. I actually found my coffee started tasting better alone. I never have used sugar in it, but only used coffee creamer which is actually very low in calories and carbs. So now I have 2 or 3 cups of coffee and wait for lunch time.

Intermittent fasting is a great weight loss technique. Yeah, I know your mama told you it’s unhealthy to skip meals, but that’s a crock. We were the fattest nation on earth and so eating 3 meals a day is obviously not working. Now, Mexico holds that dubious honor.

“Mexico has surpassed the United States as the world’s fattest nation, with 32.8% of its population now classed as obese. This worrying figure is higher than the percentage of obese US citizens, who weigh in at 32%.The information comes from a report by the United Nations charting obesity rates across the world. It reveals that 70% of Mexicans are overweight and childhood obesity figures have tripled in the last decade.

40 years ago Mexico’s biggest killers were malnutrition and infectious diseases. Now, as a result of considerable dietary changes, the country is plagued by cardio-vascular disease and diabetes.” http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2013/07/10/obesity-mexico-united-states-fattest-country_n_3571988.html

I wont lie and say I wasn’t hungry at times during this week. Usually this was right before lunch so it really wasn’t much of a problem. The other times I felt some hunger were usually later in the evening. Actually you are able to eat 3 or 4 times a day from the list of foods but I only ate 2 meals most days. When I did eat more it was usually just some veggies.

I did use protein bars and protein powder for some meals and it helped me stay on track because protein is filling and stays with you unlike carbs.

I also went out and bought an EatSmart digital scale to get better measurements. I had an old dial scale and although it was accurate it was very hard to read and if you lost half a pound there was no way you could read that. I think it’s important to have a good scale when you’re losing weight, not only to track your progress but also because when you start seeing the weight come off it keeps you motivated.

There was also a tape measure that came along with this scale and I started using it. I knew I was losing weight even without a scale because all my jeans fit looser than before. But at the beginning of the week I had a rotund 48″ waistline and a 54″ waist. The difference is waist line measure is just above the hips and waist is measured across your bellybutton.

I was happy to find that after my first week on the 3 week diet I lost 3″ off my waist and 3″ off my waistline too!

To me this is more important than what the scale says because this affects your appearance directly. It also tells me I am losing belly fat and not just water weight. Scales can be misleading especially if you work out because muscle weighs more than fat. If you are building muscle you could actually not see a weight change on the scale even though you are losing body fat.

Well I am really stoked about Brian’s diet and looking forward to week 2. This next week the diet shifts to getting the bulk of your calories from fat and protein.

Week 2  Of The 3 Week Diet Plan – Starting A Fat Fast

You may think eating fat makes you fat but that is not true. In week 2 you are supposed to get the majority of your calories from fat while keeping carbohydrates to a minimum. Several studies have shown that groups on a high fat low carbohydrate diet lost more weight than groups on normal diets or even low carb high protein diets even though they consumed the same number of calories.

Keckwick/Gaston study was done back in 1956 and showed that the composition of your diet is more important than the number of calories you consume.

• Group #1 – 1000 calories per day balanced diet
• Group #2 – 1000 calories per day with 90% of those calories coming from carbohydrates
• Group #3 – 1000 calories per day with 90% of those calories coming from protein
• Group #4 – 1000 calories per day with 90% of those calories coming from fat
Now, if a calorie is a calorie, as the medical mainstream indicates, then all four groups should
have lost the same amount of weight. However, group #4 lost the most weight by far (group #1
lost the least amount, followed by group #2 and then group #3). Source: 3 week diet pdf

There have been several other studies that repeated these results. While a diet like that might make a cardiologist faint or have a heart attack it has been proven to make the weight come off. Also with the exception of trans fats most other fats are good for you and your body actually needs them to be healthy.

Carbs are not essential to your diet but fats are. You have probably heard of EFAs or essential fatty acids. They are essential to your health, your body cant make them. So you must get them from your diet.

They prevent body inflammation and I have had trouble in the past with intestinal inflammation, but after having taken a supplement with DHA/EPA for 2 weeks now the symptoms have all disappeared.

At the end of week 2 I weighed 212 so I lost 2 pounds this week.I was hoping to lose more than that, but I also lost inches from my waist line. I lost 1 inch from my waistline and 1.5 inches from my waste.

I think the reason for less weight loss has to do with restricting calories to severely and slowing down my metabolism. I was supposed to take in 1200 to 1500 calories over 3 meals but I only ate twice a day and my calorie intake was about 900.

The second week of the diet was pretty easy to get through.  Fat is filling and I really wasn’t that hungry which is why I ate only two meals. So I will have to eat more to keep my metabolism from slowing down. Also I had plenty of energy and I am now getting through all four sets of my workout and actually added some curls to my routine.

In week 3 coming up I am supposed to eat normally and keep my calories in line with my BMR or basal metabolic rate. This gives you a basic idea of how many calories you need to maintain your body weight. There are additional factors to modify this rate if you are in a higher activity rate such as regularly exercising or working a physically demanding job.

Find Out What Your BMR Is

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According to Brian in this phase you don’t have to restrict carbohydrates. It is more important to cut calories below your BMR. The more calories you cut below this point the more weight you lose. Of course this number will need to be adjusted downward as you lose more weight.

I plan to continue skipping breakfast and to continue to keep my carbs down. I will most likely mix week 1 and week 2 and repeat them each week until all the weight is lost. But, I think I need to be careful not to cut them too low so my body doesn’t get used to a lower calorie intake and slow my metabolism down.

Based on this weeks weight loss I may not make my goal of being under 200 by thanksgiving. But the weight is coming off, 9 pounds so far and almost 5 inches off my gut so I am seeing good progress with the three week diet so far. I am hoping to see more weight loss in week 3 than this past week, but at least the numbers are headed in the right direction.

Week 3 – Eating Normally

The third week of this diet you are supposed to eat normally but keep an eye on calories. I pretty much stayed on a low carb diet and ate the same foods as the other 2 weeks. With the exception of having a beer with a friend I was pretty good this week. But even though I only lost 1 pound, my waistline went down to 43 and my waist to 48.

I think I may have messed things up a bit by not eating enough. That can cause your body to think it is in starvation mode and slow your metabolism down. I read that hitting a weight loss plateau is fairly common and I think that’s what happened to me.

At 211 I am not going to make my weight loss goal of being under 200 by Thanksgiving. My goal may have been unrealistic because I have always had a hard time losing weight. But I am definitely not giving up. It will just take longer to reach my goal but I will reach it.

Does The 3 Week Diet Work? Here’s My Final 3 Week Diet Reviews Verdict

Yes it does. In 3 weeks I lost 10 pounds of fat and my waist went from 54 to 48 inches and my waistline went from 48 to 43. So I lost 6 inches off my waist and 5 inches off my waistline in just three weeks time. If I had followed the calorie guidelines correctly I think I would have lost more weight.

But I should point out that until now diets never really worked for me. I think a lot of my fat is stored internally and that is very stubborn fat and hard to get rid of. Because the body views it as survival storage it fights to keep it. Just genetics really. In the days when we lived in caves the skinny people starved to death. So I have survival genes I guess. It is entirely possible for people to lose more weight than I did.

I actually care more about losing the inches than the numbers on a scale so to me this was a resounding success. Also I feel like I have more energy and overall I feel better.

I was plagued by intestinal problems a lot before I changed my diet and now I am not and that alone makes it worth the effort. Over these last 3 weeks I have changed my body from a high carb diet to a low carb/high protein and fat diet. I have now changed the way I eat and exercise regularly. It is only a matter of time before I succeed totally.

In hindsight I might have actually done better with the OSNB diet where you eat clean 5 days and then eat what you want on weekends. I might have avoided the weight loss plateau I seem to have hit. I may try that for a while so my body will think it’s OK to lose weight again.

But this post is already long enough so any updates will be in a new post. Thanks for reading and I hope something here helped you. If it did please share this with your friends.

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