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As you get older it seems to get harder and harder to stay in shape like when you were young. But Old School New Body which targets the 40+ age group aims to change all that and explode a bunch of bodybuilding and fitness myths in the process.

By using the F4X Training Method you can experience a total body transformation that anyone would be proud of at any age. If you want to start feeling and looking younger please take the time to read my Old School New Body review.

Old School New Body F4X Review – What Is It And Who Is It For?

Old School New Body was written by Steve and Becky Holman. Steve HolmanSteve And Becky Holman from Old School New Body is the editor of Iron Man Magazine. He looks as good today as when I first started reading his magazine back in 1998. By following his workouts and nutritional advice I was in the best shape of my life by 50 so I know this stuff really works. Today he and Becky are both in their 50’s and look fantastic.

Being the editor of Iron Man allowed Steve to pick the minds of the best and brightest in the fitness industry. So things have been refined over the years. Ironically, the best part of this system comes from an old school trainer named Vince Gironda aka the Iron Guru.

vince gironda - old school bodybuildingHe was called upon by Hollywood to train the likes of Clint Eastwood, Carl Wethers and Suzanne Sommers and others and whip them into shape often in as little as 2 weeks.

His training methods were almost lost and forgotten until his notes were discovered in an old storage room at Iron Man. Combining his training with the right diet proved to be the key to some amazing body transformations and now that information and training is available to you.

This exercise program was designed for folks over 40. It will work for anyone at any age but it is designed with those in their 40s and 50s in mind because they have different training needs than a 20 year old.

This is a no nonsense fat burning workout that brings great results that are not based on fad diets or crazy workout videos, but on real old school muscle building workouts and a proper diet that is sustainable.

The diet this fat burning workout plan uses is a variation of the Paleo or Caveman diet and it limits refined carbs during the week, but the great thing about it is that you can eat anything you want on the weekends. You will eat multiple small meals throughout the day and you wont be hungry. You may start to crave sweets or other refined carbohydrates during the week but there’s those weekends where you eat what you want. You may even find some of these foods becoming less important to you as you start seeing results.

The F4X Training System Isn’t For Everyone

The f4x system is simple and easy to follow. But it is not easy. So if you are not willing to work hard and think you can get a great body following celebrity diets or popping pills go back to la la land.

You will have to make some changes in your diet and although you will start to get results fast you won’t look like Steve or Becky overnight. But if you hang in there the magic will start to happen. Remember you did not get in the shape you are in overnight and you won’t get back in shape overnight either.

You only workout 3 times a week and it takes only 30 minutes to do. But it will have you huffing and puffing when you are done. You can easily use the f4x system to workout at home and all you need is a set of dumbbells. You will do 4 core compound exercises designed to give you a total body workout.

You won’t be using bone crushing weights and the exercises are carefully chosen so you don’t put undue stress on your joints. But if you think these are wimpy exercises and you won’t even get sore, think again.

Becky Holman before and after Old School New Body trainingThe f4x method uses the same exercises for both men and women. One fitness myth that is exploded is the belief that workout plans for women should be different from those for a man. That is absolutely not true. Weight training exercises for women are just done with lighter weights.

If you are a woman you don’t have to be afraid of getting muscular. You can use this system to tone up or add a bit of muscle definition but you are in total control and you won’t become masculine looking. Just take a look at these Becky Holman before and after photos.

Becky actually had a few false starts before she finally dug in and achieved the results you see here. It wasn’t until she saw a picture of herself in a bathing suit that she stopped her denial and finally got motivated.

Likewise, if you’re a guy you can decide if you just want to tone up or develop a “mini-bodybuilder” physique like Steve’s. There are additional exercises that you can use to take it to the next level if you want.

Why Do You Need The Old School New Body Workout?

As you age you start to lose muscle because at the same time testosterone and growth hormone levels drop drastically. The thing is, muscle burns fat and calories even when you sleep. So the more muscle you have the more calories you can take in, but when you lose muscle all those calories go to fat storage. That is why you gain weight as you age even if you are not eating more. And that is why you need the f4x workout to regain your lost muscle.

Visit the official old school new body website to learn more.

You may think you need to start running or jump on the treadmill but that is actually the worst thing you can do. Cardio, running and all this New Age stuff like Pilates and yoga can not build a significant enough amount of muscle to replace what is lost. In fact they can increase cortisol and free radicals and actually make you age and lose muscle faster.

The only real solution is good old fashioned old school weight training but it must be done right. This is where the f4x Training Program comes into play. Even if you could figure out what exercises to do you wouldn’t be doing them right without this guide.

If you have ever gone to a gym you probably noticed that most people actually change their bodies very little, if at all. That is because they are doing the wrong kind of exercises or are over training. Forget the endless hours of boring cardio or lifting weights for hours at a time. All it takes is 30 minutes 3 times a week to get the body you have always wanted. Once you achieve those results it takes even less time to maintain.

You can work out and build muscle at any age. In fact the older you are the more muscle loss there is and the more important it is to regain it. When you eat the proper diet and do the f4x exercises this is the best fat burning workout there is. Because you are limiting your carbs during the week your muscles will be forced to burn body fat and protein to repair themselves. Your results will be amazing.

So that is my Old School New Body review. If you want to change your life, if you want to look younger, feel better you can. But like all things in life that are worthwhile it takes some effort on your part.

You may have run across some articles entitled “old school new body scam.” But that a marketing ploy to get your attention. But OSNB  is just a great, simple to follow program that can really get results if you follow it. It definitely is not a scam! You can experience an amazing total body transformation with this incredible weight loss workout plan so get started today.

Your old school new body pdf is available for instant download. You will need Adobe Reader (free download) to view it. Of course you can print it out if you want a hard copy. There are some special bonuses only available with this download too, including:

  • The f4x Quick Start Workout Guide
  • Ultimate Fat Burning Secrets
  • Ultimate Muscle Building Secrets
  • Ultimate Sex And Anti Aging Secrets
  • Ultimate Health And Happiness Secrets

And you also 5 free motivational and instructional fitness audios from John Rowley, all for just $20. And the kicker is you have 60 days to try out Old School New Body and if for any reason its not right for you, you will get a no questions asked full refund. So you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, click the banner and start looking and feeling younger today.

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