Scrogging is a great way for growers to maximize your yield and make the most of your light. It is also a great way to grow if you have a plant count. I talked briefly about SCROGGING and plant training here: Cannabis Plant Training How To Get Get Big Farm Yields In Small Spaces

I feel this is one of the best ways for growers to get big farm yields in small spaces and deserves more attention. So I want to go into more detail and show you my newest  SCROG grow.

I think it is important to mention that scrogging is not a set it and forget it grow technique. It will require daily attention to properly train your plants. Once they are flowered it gets much easier because the training was already done earlier.

Plants were vegged and trained to an open bush for about a month. This screen of green then was vegged another week in my flower closet to green up and fill out the screen before flowering.

Last time I hand watered in coco but I think results will be even better using top feed drip with grow stones. I have 3 plants in a 2 x 4 tray. Very excited to see what this Mendo Breath will do as I have not grown it before. Also flowering a Platinum Candy and Apple Fritter. They were flipped to 12/12 today is day 1.

How To Train A SCROG Plant

Training a plant is simple. I head my plants back at the 5th node. Then I use LST(low stress training) and tie the branches down.

They can be headed back again when they have 5 nodes. This will produce side branches. I dont do much more training other than to remove anything growing on the lower part of the branches. Remove any growth coming from the dark side because it will never get enough light and will sap energy from the top shoots.

I place my net about 8 inches above the plants and start spreading the branches out. It is hard to know how many plants to flower and a lot depends on the strain. This grow has 3 but one plant was a smaller strain. 2 larger stretchy plants would work too. If you dont mind the veg time you can fill a 4 x 4 with one stretchy plant like the Platinum Candy.

The trickiest thing about SCROGGING is knowing when to flower. Many people advise waiting until the screen is 75% full but a lot depends on the plants stretch. In this grow my Mendo Breath stayed fairly compact but the Apple Fritter and Platinum Candy got very tall and I ran out of holes to tuck the branches in so I had to super crop them to keep the canopy level.


Both the Apple Fritter and Platinum Candy are tall stretchy plants, making them perfect for a SCROG. The Mendo Breath will be smaller and more Indica dominant.

When I SCROG I do not weave branches in and out of the screen. I simply tuck them under, The screen will hold them down and when they pop up again I just pull them back down. Also I use a 3.5 inch square mesh. It is a bit harder to find but larger 6 inch holes will not give you the control you want with branch placement.

I use open FloraFlex manifolds and open ended flora flex tubing. It is way more flexible and easier to use. Open ended means less chance for a clog. I am running 4 drippers per pot but you dont have to run that many but I would recommend at least 2 in case there is a clogged line. They are run for 2 minutes on every 3 hours during lights on but your cycle may be different depending on pump size and plant size too.

I run House And Garden Aqua Flakes in a recirculating reservoir.

I use HLG lights and am running their HLG 650R. Very powerful with great coverage and I am running it about 3 feet away. They are not cheap and made in USA. I know there are a lot of cheaper lookalikes but believe me they are not the same. With LED lights you get what you pay for.

You can watch this Day 1 video on my YouTube channel if you are at least 18 by clicking the imageSCROGGING MENDO BREATH APPLE FRITTER PLATINUM CANDY


These girls have gone wild. Still stretching and out of holes to tuck them in and even super cropping has not slowed them down much. Not really a bad problem to have. Very excited to see what this Mendo Breath will do. Also flowering a Platinum Candy and Apple Fritter. They were flipped to 12/12 today is day 14.


I am using top feed drip in this grow. I think my plants have grown more vigorously with this system than conventional flood and drain. I am using 2 1/2 gallon pots and they are 10 inches tall. With flood and drain I would not be able to flood high enough to water properly. Even with smaller pots I was noticing very little root development above the flood line. By watering from the top down instead of bottom up the plant can make use of the whole pot.

Because the screen is placed low and close to the pots (about 8 inches) hand watering would be difficult so an automated watering system is the best way to go. Plants do best with uniformity. They get used to a feed and water schedule and do best with it. This is very hard to accomplish by hand watering but quite easy with a simple timer.

I use growstones but this holds true no matter what your grow medium is. Frequency of watering depends on the medium used, It is not possible to give a feed and watering schedule because every grow is different. However you should have some run off after every watering to prevent salt buildup. In this grow I am watering 3-4 times a day for 3 minutes depending on plant size. A bit of trial and error will help you find your sweet spot. Not too dry and not too wet.



Things have changed. My girls have gone wild, especially the Platinum Candy. I probably should have flipped sooner. The Mendo Breath is a smaller plant and I wanted to give it some time to catch up. Big mistake.

By week 2 I had filled every hole. So at that point I could no longer scrog anything. I super cropped the plants and did a leaf strip to try and slow growth but it really did not work. I am not going to complain. My screen has 72 holes and there is a nice top in all of them. I may actually need to put a 2nd screen on this grow. So my SCROG is looking a lot more like a SOG but without so many plants.

My advice is if you scrog multiple strains make sure they all have the same amount of stretch. The number of plants you scrog is also strain dependent. One Platinum Candy could have filled my 2 x4 screen given enough veg time. Two would be the max I would do for a stretchy plant. The Apple Fritter was in between the 2 as far as size goes. She got as tall as the Platinum Candy but was not as vigorous so did not spread as much. But for a smaller more Indica leaning plant like the Mendo Breath I would do 3 max.

You can watch my week 3 video at SCROG 2.0 DAY 21 GIRLS GONE WILD! – YouTube


This is a scrog gone wild and I added a 2nd net which is something you dont normally do for a scrog. My Platinum Candy has taken over this grow despite my best efforts to contain and control her. I did not nickname her Long Tall Sally for nothing.

Everything is doing really well but the Mendo Breath is not getting as much light as it would have if everything had stayed the same height. I ran out of holes to scrog the Platinum Candy in weeks ago. Should have done a one strain grow or flipped earlier in hindsight. Even still all the buds look great. There are 72 holes in the lower screen and there is a cola in every one.



This video is for 18+ viewers and YouTube wont let me show it on my site. So if you go there give it a like and subscribe  please.


Some things are hard to capture on video or in pictures. They need to be seen with your own eyes. Such is the case with this grow. My Platinum Candy is the tallest plant in the grow forcing me to put a 2nd screen in what is supposed to be a SCROG. As I gaze across the screen the trichomes sparkle and twinkle under the light. Maybe that’s what Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds is really about and maybe Long Tall Sally needs to be renamed Lucy.

Everything is doing well on day 35 and everything has great trichome coverage but that Platinum Candy puts them all to shame. She does not make large buds and she is very stretchy but her trichome coverage is insane, in a good way. Anyway here’s a few pics for you




MAC 1 DAY 35


Sea of green for my MAC 1 on day 35 running House and Garden nutrients with a HLG 650R for lighting. Growth has been explosive!

MAC 1 is CAP’s Cut of Miracle Alien Cookies which is his clone only strain of Alien Cookies F2 x {Colombian x Starfighter} . Under a HLG 650R light and in a Sea Of Green with 21 plants in flood and drain with growstones in 6″ net pots. Clones were given enough veg time to reach 18 inches.

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Cannabis Plant Training How To Get Get Big Farm Yields In Small Spaces

Cannabis Plant Training is vitally important whether you are in a commercial setting or in a grow closet or tent. In fact if you grow in a small space it is even more important because height is usually more limited.

When I first started growing I just let my plants grow any which way. As a newbie I was just happy they grew and made smokable flowers. I did a lot of research on the weed forums back in those days. I did not have any friends that grew so that is where I got my information. Some was good and some not so much.

Although years as commercial vegetable farmer gave me a pretty good background in growing plants in general none of my knowledge was cannabis specific. About all I knew was it was an annual plant and there were males and females and the girls made the flowers. I knew it needed a lot of light and growing it was similar to growing tomatoes.

The first thing I learned was longer veg times made bigger plants that yielded more. Although this is generally true it is not the best way to go for growing in a closet even though I had 8 foot ceilings. But that is how I started and boy howdy with a 2 month veg I grew some large plants, got some good yields and produced some pretty decent bud.

The problem was I got a lot of popcorn buds and larf on the bottoms. I learned to lollipop and that fixed that. But now I had tall plants that had lots of tall, empty stems and my crop was in the top 2 feet of a 5-6 foot plant.

As you can see from the picture below it worked but really things were out of control. Plants were always getting too close to the light. I was running HPS in those days. You cant see the bottom 2 feet from this picture but there was no yield from it, just wasted space.

Cannabis Plant Training On This Biker Kush

To me this was not the answer. It made no sense to veg that much and have all that wasted space. I am sure you have seen pictures of commercial grows with beautiful buds on top and the bottom half bare. I knew this was not the answer for me and if you are in a closet or tent it is not the answer for you either. So we need Cannabis plant training techniques that work for smaller grow spaces.

Cannabis Plant Training For Big Farm Yields In Small Spaces

I am going to focus on 3 ways to train your weed for high yields. You also will get top quality buds because these training systems help avoid shading and maximize your light to them. They will also control plant height so plants wont get away from you in stretch.

First we need to understand a few things about our plants. Marijuana plants along with most other plants share a trait called apical dominance. Simply put they are designed to grow upwards and toward the light. This may be fine outside because as the sun moves through the sky it hits them from multiple angles. However in our grow rooms the light comes from directly above so shading becomes a problem.

To grow weed indoors we need to control and tame apical dominance. The tendency to grow upwards is controlled by plant hormones called auxins. Branches on top have higher levels of auxins than those lower down. Generally if we pull a branch down or cut off its top lower branches will get these auxins and try to take over.

Normally a weed plant will grow tall and make a large single cola at the expense of all the buds further down. We dont want this. With proper training we will have more colas. They will be smaller but they will outweigh a large single cola plant. Here are the 3  weed training methods I recommend. I will only give a brief overview of each here but I will be covering them in detail.


SOG is more of a grow system than a training system. In sea of green the idea is to flower many identical young clones as single stem plants. This creates a flat canopy that is even in height and exposes each plants top cola to maximum light. This works best with strains that dont branch much and naturally grow a single main cola.



Growing a SCROG makes use of a screen to train plants horizontally. You keep pulling side branches under the screen until it is almost full and then flower them. You get a flat even canopy with all buds getting great light. It does take a longer veg time but you can fill a 4 x 4 space with a single plant. Works great for sativa or other branch vigorous strains.



Manifolding tops a plant above the 3rd node and selects 2 branches to train horizontally. It has a T shape. As the branches grow out they are topped again and the plant will produce flower sites along these branches. It looks like a candelabra. These tops are equal because they come off the plant at the same height. They require more training topping, tying down or LST and possibly super cropping. But they require much less work once flowered. I am doing a 4 arm manifold here but this picture is only day 1.



Here is what manifold training can do for you.


Looks pretty good! I only have 2 plants in this tray. But I have double tops that 10-12 SOG plants would provide. They are evenly spaced and mostly even in height. They will all get great light exposure which is what we are after.